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Recognized as one of the most expensive real estate sections on the beach, Radio South Beach is uniquely located next to world renowned restaurants Milos, Il Mulino Joe’s Stone Crab and Menin Hospitality’s Bakehouse Brasserie.

radio south beach


Radio Bar is located in the South of Fifth neighborhood and caters to the locals seven days a week from 6 p.m. to 5 a.m. The beverage program compliments the inviting atmosphere where one would feel just as comfortable in flip flops as they would in a business suit when sipping on a great rum or bourbon. In addition, Radio Bar offers a snack menu that serves up grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto sauce and warm spinach with tri-colored tortilla chips. Priding itself on its approachable prices and menu of fine spirits, quality beers and cocktails, Radio Bar offers a laidback refuge for the local community with a weekly music line up of DJ sets and live music.

radio bar, south beach, menin hospitality


Taking Radio Bar’s cocktail program to new wavelengths is mixologist Teddy Collins who has created an eclectic line up of specialty cocktails featuring fresh ingredients, house made syrups and unique pairings, as well as signature punchbowls that serve up to eight people.

radio bar


The vintage books, faded Persian rugs, pool table and thrift shop lamps give the space a low key vibe with a balance of warm and familiar, yet something fresh and new.

radio bar