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bakehouse brasserie

Meet the Bakehouse Brasserie Team

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Published: December 31, 2015 (5 years ago)


Bakehouse will offer a range of authentic European delights to wine tastings or the perfect “cup of Joe” brewed by Panther coffee. The menu will offer brunch, dinner and late night offerings. Bakehouse’s main attraction is its unique artisan bread, baked daily on the premises, and a perfect companion to a selection of olive oils, regional French cheeses, charcuterie and global wines all culminating in an unparalleled experience of modern American with a French twist. As we approach the opening of Bakehouse Brasserie, we’re excited to welcome Chef Steven Frank to the team!

chef steven

My Exquisite Taste is for:

Comfort Food highlighting simple ingredients prepared with love, respect, and care.

My Passion is:

Cooking food and highlighting the ingredients amazing qualities so that each person who tries my food can appreciate and enjoy it to most.

If I could, I would:

Like to have the chance to have my father and grandfather try my food. Since they’re the ones who motivated me to go into this carrier.

Favorite Food:

Pasta always has and always will be.

Inspirational Quote:

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein

Tell us a little bit about you and your work history:

I’ve been cooking professionally for 8 years. I’ve worked in New York for 5 years in restaurants ranging from hotels with over 100 years of history, Mohonk Mountain House, to new and up and coming restaurants, Bar Bolonat, to Michelin stared restaurants, Aquavit. I’ve cooked a diverse range of food spanning the globe from traditional to modern to avan-garde. Cooking is a passion not a job for me.